When it comes to losing weight, you are likely to think that it is a long and complicated journey, with many obstacles to overcome, diet and sweat, but it does not mean that you would not enjoy it! Now that summer is coming to an end and spring showing up, you might be thinking it’s time to attack it, and you are right, that necessity of long-term weight loss starts going around your head, and experts say that it is important to actually visualise your self as you always wanted to be. 

Everything starts there, in your “Mind”, this determines whether or not you will have the strength, and power of decision making to get to the point you want to be at! As it is the first pillar at the Factory PT, we encourage you to rather create sustainable healthy habits than a rigid diet routine, because the latter,  will get you bored at some point, and some times,  quiting the process or even falling over and over again, into a vortex of emotional eating and procrastination. 

To avoid that, it is important to identify patterns or possible obstacles that you are dragging around with you, and come up with an action plan, as Kathleen M. Zelman (MPH, RD, LD) shares in Nourish by WebMD in the article “8 Ways to Think Thin” (2007), “you might need to start from, as simply picturing yourself thin”.

Picture this, you have an important event 2 months away, and you want to be outstanding, you are on the way to the place, feeling determined, physically and mindufuly strong. Dressing new clothes because the old ones did not fit anymore, you start walking into the place, receiving all kind of compliments and good vibes!  It feels amazing, fulfilling and motivating right? Use those thoughts, motivation and energy to get you through tough times when you are not feeling like eating properly or going to train.

As you have already fueled yourself with good energy it is imperative to set up specific goals, and find flexible strategies to get you training and dieting consistently, as Ross Edgley quotes in his book (The world’s fittest book), “Indivuduals who engage in rigid dieting strategies reported symptoms of an eating disorder, mood disturbances and excessive concern with body size/shape. In contrast, flexible dieting strategies were not highly associated with BMI, eating disorder symptoms, mood disturbances or concerns with body size”. (APPETITE, Behavioural Nutrition Journal). This, to support Edgley, who proves that sweets and a six-pack can coexist, but how? Take a look at “The Fat-loss Pyramid of Priority”

Now, to achieve those objectives… Do you think it would be easier, if you break down those strategies  into smaller goals with deadlines? Correct! Start with small changes, like tracking your food, weigh in regularly, etc. and focuse on improving your lifestyle without getting you to desperation.  Get to eat more fruits and vegetables every day instead of pastries or sweets, set up a total amount of time for cardio or physical activity in the whole week and break it down by days, reduce that alcohol consumption by one or maximum two drinks on social events, find low fat and high protein foods, change sodas for water, and the list goes on. 

I know what you are thinking now, How do I know the amount of cardio, or the kind of foods that are beneficial for me? Well that is why we, Personal Trainers and Dietitians are here for you! Find advise and support!  you won’t be lonely in this journey, and here at The Factory PT, among other services that defferenciate us from other gyms, we provide you with nutritional and fitness coaching with weekly check ups, a part of constant communication through your program. 

After you have gotten a professional by your side, it is time to look ahead, a detailed plan for your weekly or even daily meals, and physical activity will lead you to success. Plan your fitness like an appointment that you cannot miss, and do your groceries knowing which meals will you get through the week. 

Then, identify habits or behaviours that keep you away from your goals, and turn them around into small steps that you are able to take without feeling deprived, as well as,  rewarding  your self in a way  that allows you to obtain benefits out of it. 

In conclusion, (and less words) your fat-loss voyage could definitely be enjoyable and sustainable. The team at the Factory PT encourage you to be mindful of your well-being, as we are with ourselves because at The Factory PT, we preach what we teach, ensuring that always  “We Won!” (Dimitri Hatziandreou) 

– José Nicolás Sandoval Sánchez, 2022