Meet The Team

Dimitri Hatziandreou – Director

Biggest Fitness Achievement: Winning Bodybuilding comp
Favourite Book: Relentless- Tim Grover
Favourite Meal: Steak and Beer
Training Song: Untz Untz- Coone Remix
Top Tip For Clients: Consistency Is Key

Jessica Raiti – Trainer

Biggest Fitness Achievement: Competing in bikini comp
Favourite Book: The Obstacle Is The Way-Ryan Holiday
Favourite Meal: Salmon with mango salsa (chocolate)
Training Song: Hello – Eminem
Top Tip For Clients: Cutting corners only cheats yourself- put the work in to get the results out!

Bruno Valente – Trainer

Biggest fitness achievement: Getting to 8% BF and running a half marathon
Favourite meal: Woodfired Pizza
Training song: Power – Kanye West
Top Tip for clients: Focus on the food first.

Jackson Mohi – Trainer

Biggest fitness achievement: Australian Under 20s Training Squad
Favourite meal: yum cha
Training Song: A Tale of 2 Citiez – J Cole
Top Tip for clients: make sure you get enough sleep


Biggest fitness achievement: Representing Bogota in Tae Kwon Do Nationals
Favourite meal: Pork Ribs & Whiskey
Training song: Calypso – Carl Cox
Top Tip for clients: Less overthinking, more action

ZAC CARR- Trainer

Biggest fitness achievement: Training with the crusaders
Favourite book: Green Lights
Training meal: Southern fried chicken burger
Training song: King of the north
Top Tip for clients: Believe in yourself!


FBiggest fitness achievement: Running 42.2km
Favourite book: 12 Rules for Life
Favourite meal: Cevapi
Training song: Family ties – Baby Keem
Top Tip for clients: Focus on the long-term

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